About us

FRISOFT Ltd was founded in January 2012 .After graduate at university of ULK in department of Computer Science Innocent HABUMUGISHA put his dream into reality by sharing his ambition with his best friends and FRISOFT Ltd had born from that moment . For that time most companies did not have online presence and those who had online presence did not have a good way to market their websites. And we come up with mission to help our customer to create and improve their online presence in order to attract more customers and build high profitable business. From our office in KIGALI we have a team composed of some of the best IT Teams Ready to take your business on next level.

What we do

FRI SOFT Ltd helps businesses to communicate better with their potential customers and converting them into customers which bring more sales


We really care about our customer satisfaction that why we follow our heart and values



We are honest with the client, ourselves, and with the people we interact with. This is our most important value that we take very seriously. Experience tells us that honesty pays in terms of personal satisfaction and customer loyalty. We stick firmly to the highest level of professionalism in all our efforts.


We think that our clients deserve the best, and we are very passionate about customer satisfaction. We believe that every service should be unique and aesthetically more appealing than the rest.


We acknowledge our mistakes and learn from them. We believe that this helps us to serve our clients better each time they conduct business with us.


Integrity is what molds these core values together and is the foundation of our success. The actions we take for our clients align with our values.

There are a lot of benefits to working with FRI SOFT Ltd:

  • First, you will be working with young, fresh minds people that are up to date in all new technology that the world has to offer.
  • Second, We are always excited to work with a client who has a good idea. We can take a good idea, and turn it into money flow.    
We’re not here to make the most profit from you. Our pricing is modest. When you start to work with us, you’ll know that it’s the right cost with high value. We pride ourselves with Honesty, Excellence , Acknowledgment and Integrity. 


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