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When the history of web design started in the mid 90’s, defining Web Design and Development was easy.  It pretty much meant that you could put some HTML together and make a web page magically appear on this new thing called the Internet.  Today, Web Design and Development means so much web2more.  Websites have become a central tool for businesses, government, associations, and anyone looking to communicate a product or service. Web Design and development means interacting with your customers.  It means selling your products.  It means running your company.

Web development

We do our best with all our heart to make systems that make your work easier, quicker and more efficient. The largest challenge of our day is spent designing and developing custom online business systems. FRISOFT Ltd is dedicating to deliver solutions that have real impact for our clients, leaving us with a warm feeling inside.

How we do what we love?

  • Staying agile

Our approach to web development is agile and iterative: we get going quickly, listen to what you say and develop a best system accordingly. We don’t believe in spending your money writing long-winded project specifications and stuffy documentation that no-one will read beyond the development of the project. We would rather use the time to get the first release live, and develop the system based on actual user feedback rather than guess work.

                                  • Php

web1At the heart of our development toolset there is    PHP: a widely-used open source general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for web development. We’ve been working with PHP since 2012 and we’ve found it valuable to our development methods.

  • Test driven development

 We love test driven development because it encourages simple design and good quality maintainable code. Problems are caught earlier in the development thus reducing the amount of debugging required. New features can quickly be tested to detect conflicts with existing functionality. Test cases act as a living breathing specification that clearly defines how the application should work.

  • Content management System

We also like to provide you with the tools to keep your website up-to-date without the need for our input. We believe our clients should always have access to easily changing most of the content on their website. The right content management system can help to give you and your staff control over content that needs to change on a regular basis

Web design

Web Designed Services that suit you and only you!!

Design isn’t just pushing pixels around a page; it’s how you communicate your message to your customers. At FRISOFT Ltd we think we have the best blend of artistic ability and technical knowledge to help you.

  • User experience

We hope you are interacting well with our site and are only moments away from getting in touch. Web Design is about presenting your message in a consistent and accessible way. Your design shouldn’t stand between your customers and your service. We strongly believe in the power of great design to help communicate your message, and we have the technical expertise to enhance that.

  • Content is king

Ultimately it’s the text content of your website that will appeal to your customers and that will web3help you get good ranking search engine result pages. we do know what works and we are happy to advise you.

  • Search engine marketing

Our websites are built following accepted web standards and using semantic markup that means that they are highly discoverable and will not put up any barriers to search engines. As with most things in life, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to optimizing and marketing your website or application. We will work with you to work out the best approach to getting your pages to perform in the way you want.

  • Accessibility

We really care about making websites and applications which are usable by every visitor. Why put up artificial barriers when, with a little planning up front, you can maximize your audience? Our sites are designed with common accessibility problems in mind, and use semantic markup so screen-readers can access your content easily.

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