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 Choosing a brand name is decision that has to be taken carefully because it can have a long term influence on the success of the branded product or service.

We love to work with our clients from the start. Whether you’re creating a new brand or looking to reposition an existing one, successful brands are built on great stories.

To build a world-class service brand there are three things you will need to create such as:

  • The brand’s personality. s3
  • The relationship the brand has with the target market.
  • Visual icons, symbols or other representations of the brand such as the logo or a character.

FRISOFT can help you to create your brand identity

How we achieve your expectation?

  1. First, we help you to create a character or personality for your company. Just as you would for a real person, based on that brand-person’s reputation, attitudes and behavior.
  2. Second we build a relationship with your target market based on that personality. We do this over time, using digital marketing and offline marketing,
  3. Third we reinforce the relationship and trigger recognition with consistent visual symbols.

There is a big difference between bringing a brand to market and bringing a brand to life. The signals you choose to articulate your brand message tell consumers how they should react to it.

By tapping into people’s sensory inputs, we identify and develop Brand Signals that articulate brand experience.  , graphics, Verbal Identity ,slogan and Visual Identity are just a few of the tools we use to provide the structure and flexibility for your brand to adapt to its environment and target market.

Make your mark

Success depends on more than just a great product or service. If you’re going to knock the socks off the competition we need to build a brand that stands out in a crowd for all the right reasons. And that means consistent application across all media channels.

The brand development process is a series of steps that will first identify your brand values and define your proposition. Through consultation and research we develop an approach to messaging and a visual language that will create the overall brand identity. Once those elements are in place we can generate creative ideas that will inspire your audience, alter perceptions, change consumer behavior and drive genuine business results.

How we do the works?

  1. First we make a Strategy Naming,Branding, Positioning and Messaging
  2. Second we make Creative Art Direction, Copywriting and graphic Design
  3. Third we Execute by designing your Website, doing digital marketing, and printing marketing materials
  4. Fourth we make Evaluation and Research on Insights Metrics in order to optimize our Branding Identity

Creativity will bring your brand to life.

What motivates people to choose one product or service over another?

People choose brands in the same way they choose friends, attracted or repelled by particular sets of characteristics. Consumers don’t buy what you do; they make decisions based on how you make them feel. If your customers believe what you say, then you have their attention and that’s where the opportunity lies.

We’re here to help you develop a brand proposition that really engages with your target audience, nurturing customer relationships and creating brand loyalty.

Rebranding your company

Rebranding presents an opportunity to redefine, update and reintroduce your professional services brand. It lets your company speak with greater authority to key audiences and reestablish your competitive edge.

From setting the strategy to building and rolling out your brand, FRISOFT's branding services will position your company advantageously and give you the tools you need to build awareness and preference in the marketplace.

Launching Your New Services or product Brand

Launching a new services or product brand can be an intimidating experience. At FRISOFT, we keep the process simple and focus on building a competitive advantage. We will equip you with everything you need to compete against established company and grow your business.

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