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FRISOFT Ltd provides fast, knowledgeable and friendly website maintenance services.  In today’s marketplace, it is vital to keep your website up to date and looking as professional as you are.  We’re here to help.

Our website maintenance service work like this:

1st Step: First we will analyze your website and give you an estimate time for the work or you can decide to just have us do the work.

2nd Step: Once accepted, we complete the web maintenance plan action and sign contract with your company.

3rd Step: You send us your updates content via email

4th Step: We update the website, test links. And check how the update looks in multiple web browsers and operating systems including: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Windows OS, and Mac OSX.webmainte3

5th Step: We document our changes and create a report for you.

6th Step: you receive a prompt confirmation from us with an expected time that says the work is done.

The Activities of Website Maintenance

The activities from which Website Maintenance is composed can be broken down into six areas. These are:

  • Publishing, meaning, how to keep content up-to-date.
  • Quality Assurance, meaning, how to spot errors on a site.
  • Feedback Monitoring, meaning, how to manage communication with website visitors.
  • Performance Monitoring, meaning, how to measure activity on a site.
  • Infrastructure Monitoring, meaning, how to ensure a sound technical footing for a site.
  • Change Control, meaning, how to manage ongoing technical or other changes in a co-ordinate way.

webmainte2Your website shouldn’t be a second job. Creating quality content and optimizing your online presence is time consuming and has a steep learning curve.

Whether you’re updating your phone number or adding a contact form to your service pages, we’ll make sure your website stays up-to-date so you get more traffic, boost sales and leads, and strengthen brand identity and authority. Have an urgent update? We have a priority scheduling plan with 24-hour turnaround.

We had designed packages that can meet the need of your company. Only looking to maintain and perform small updates to your existing small website? The Basic package may be the best fit for you. Alternatively, if you’re looking for not only maintenance but also continued improvement and search engine optimization for your medium to large website, the Medium and Advanced packages will be perfect for you.

Packages …………….

Why You Need Website Maintenance Services ?

There is nothing worse than having a website with a bunch of out of date information on it.  Not only will you be penalized by Google in search results, but occasionally potential customers DO stumble across your old page and that doesn’t make a very good first impression.  Finding a source for website maintenance services will help ensure you don’t suffer from website embarrassment.  Below we’ve created a list of top-ten reasons you need website maintenance services.  Yes they are humorous, but the sad thing is for a lot of people, they are true!webmainte1

  1. Your website footer says “Copyright 2002″.
  2. Three out of five people on your staff page don’t work for you anymore.
  3. Your about page is a few years behind about the age of your business.
  4. Your contact email goes to someone who left several years ago.
  5. Your site talks about products that no longer exist.
  6. Your site has animated graphics onAnywhere…
  7. You still use a “splash page”
  8. Your company’s phone number is nowhere on your website.
  9. No matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to make your site come up in a Google search!

So, if you're struggling to keep your website up to date, a true reflection of your business, we know you love your business as much as we love the web, so put us in charge of your website so you can concentrate on doing what you do best. Call us on +250785553103, +250788654541,+250788403924

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